Saturday, December 23, 2006


GPL unless otherwise specified. (keys: *=must; +=further) 

* vim: text editor (GPL)
* ghostview: ps and eps viewer (GPL)
+ convertz: 中文內碼轉換工具 (Freeware)
* xpdf and pdftk: pdf toolkit
* pdftk builder: graphical ui version of pdftk
* qvpdf: pdf creator
* pdf-xchange viewer: pdf viewer with editing functions, no watermarks (Freeware)
+ foxit pdf reader:  small, light pdf viewer. save embedding watermarks (Freeware)
* pdfill free pdf tools: including cropping page
* dopdf: any output size

* MikTeX: Latex for win32
* Winshell: User front-end
* DVIwin: Dvi viewer
* Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
* IguanaTex: PowerPoint add-in to enter latex formula
* TeXsword: LaTeX macro package for Microsoft Word

* GnuWin32:   Win32-versions of GNU tools (GPL)
* 7-zip:  file archiver, like winzip (GPL)
* windirstat:  disk usage statistics (GPL)
* rainlendar: desktop calendar
+ regcleanr
* the font thing
* spybot
* easycleaner: registry cleaner
+ regscanner
+ shexview and RegDllView: displays what dll are running in background | and registered
* unlocker: tackle the cannot-delete-folder-in-use problem
* microsoft powertoys (beware MS's checking system)
+ powermenu: make windows become transparent
+ easycleaner: registry cleaner
+ krumsick keymapper

*InfraRecorder: dvd burner. light.

* iview32: fast, small graphic viewer (freeware). plug-in: paint.dll.
* gimp: GNU Image Manipulation Program (GPL).
* inkscape: vector graphics editor (GPL)
+ blender: 3D graphic tool
+ photofiltre:  image retouching program 
+ ascgen2: ASCII art generator
+ Teddy: 3d paint

* k-lite mega pack: free collection of codecs and related tools (freeware)
+ audacity: fast multi-track audio editor and recorder (GPL)
+ mpeg2jpeg: stronghorse's mpeg capture ulit. and other programs (freeware)
* doom9: site where all film handling tools can be found
+ cam studio: record all screen and audio activity on your computer (can produce swf)
* formatfactory convert format and join videos and images

* filezilla:   fast FTP and SFTP client (GPL)
+ lynx: text-mode web browser (open-source)
* firefox: web browser (open-source)
* wackget: wget with gui
+ xampp lite: tiny Apache/MySQL/PHP server
* nullget: streaming downloader
+ hfs: light http server. no installation. single file (usage)
* xVideoServiceThief:online video downloader (GNU)

* Perl

* 數學繪圖工具增益集
*geogebra: geometric drawing
*eigenmath: algebra
*speed crunch: calculator
*gretl: statistics
*R and Rcmdr: statistics
*gnu octave: numerical computation
*maxima: algebra
*gnuplot: graph plotting
*lists in wikipedia: graphing software - statistic,  algebra systems, numerical analysis,  geometry

Firefox extention, etc.
* theme: curacao, 708090
* extension: Adblock, IE view, ViewSourceWith, TargetAlert, WebDeveloper, 
ShowIP, Right Encoding, Download Statusbar, User Agent Switcher, Sage, 

original version

Portable application
* PortableApps

*Wikipedia: list of software
*Open source alternative
*portabale applications
*make use of: free software. No trials or buy-to-use.