Thursday, December 21, 2006


* 角動量守恆 Discman zero gravity
* 表面張力 water balloon in zero gravity * unsw physclips * walking on non-newtonian liquid: They filled a pool with a mix of cornstarch and water made on a concrete mixer truck. It becomes a non-newtonian fluid. When stress is applied to the liquid it exhibits properties of a solid. 聲學 * 二維振動 sound magic 材料
* hydrophobic magic sand EM
* easy magnet lamp * simplest motor in the world (homopolar) (cell itself) (nail) 人體系統 * 3D medical animations from Nucleus Medical Art 呼吸
* 吸煙對肺部影響的實驗 Cells and genetics * UTan Genetics, esp. Amazing Cells general sci *(fair test) 貓能銜走的最重的魚 *Why guys: Physics Video Clip Archives 拍攝手法典範: *Steve Spangler Science *Quirkology: Top 10 quirky science tricks for parties, Ten more science stunts for parties, Another 10 quirky science stunts *MinutePhysics Hour Physics: What makes a good (or bad) youtube science video - science site: * steve spangler * franklin institution: habitat * danagerously fun * Evolution 101 * Scientific American videos img and animations: * 3dscience: 3d art in biology * photographs of an individual's cervix for one whole menstrual cycle.